Mystic Messenger: Route to Zen- Complete Guide

  • 08/04/2020

Zen Mystic Messenger: Route Guide 2019

Who is not going to fall for a handsome and kind guy? Everyone will and that’s the type of guy Zen is. So, if you’re into this character, you can check out this article to know more information about Zen in Mystic Messenger. 

To give you a brief overview of the game, players are task to interact with the in-game characters, one of which is Zen. The end goal is to make them attend the party you are arranging. So, after exchanging some conversation, the characters will decide whether to go or not to go in your event.

route to zen

If you want to make sure their attendance, specially Zen, read the guide below.

Personality and Appearance

Hyun Ryu or most popularly known as Zen is an actor, singer, and dancer of the group. Being a celebrity, he is viewed to be eccentric and narcissistic. However, Zen is very caring and loyal towards the main character—you. 

Zen loves talking about his appearance and compare his looks with other characters. Oftentimes, he will compliment himself and flirt with you. The good thing about him is that he knows how to adjust to the pace of the player—slowing down if he thinks you’re not comfortable with everything happening so fast.

How to Capture Zen’s Heart

Zen’s route is included in the Casual Mode alongside Yoosung. He is really outgoing so it’s a lot of fun if you end up with him. But in order to do this, keep these do’s and don’ts on your mind.


  • Respect his commitment to his career
  • Compliment him oftentimes
  • Flirt with him from time to time
  • Have open communication with him and tell him your thoughts 
  • Encourage him


  • Mock him or belittle his ability
  • Feed him with instructions to the point of controlling him instead be a guidance
  • Refuse to communicate with him

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The above-mentioned reminders will help you achieve the goal of ending up with Zen. If you have questions or clarifications, please leave a message at the comment box below. We’ll make sure to get back to you the soonest time possible. 

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